How to Reduce and Prevent Condensation

Surface Condensation

Where surface condensation is evident it should be considered as a warning sign. Each person has his or her own level of personal comfort and the amount of condensation they are willing to accept. If the occupants insist on a high level of humidity within the house, surface condensation must be expected when outside temperatures are low. An example of an indication of surface condensation is water or ice on windows. Some humidity is necessary for comfort and health. With many houses it is a struggle to keep enough moisture inside the house and maintain an acceptable comfort level. Frequently, humidifiers are installed to add moisture to the air but their use must be controlled or surface condensation problems may result.

In some of the new homes air leakage has been controlled to such an extent that the problem really is how to get rid of moisture. Yet many homeowners go on adding moisture to the air. As condensation occurs on inside window surfaces, it may be a warning signal to reduce the humidity in your residence.

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