What Consumers Should Know About Windows and Doors...

Choosing a window or door is not exactly an open-and-shut case.
You should carefully consider its location and purpose. For example, windows come in different types and materials. Many are known as "operating" windows - those you open - that provide ventilation, in addition to light and a view of the outdoors. Some are easier to maintain or clean than others.

Many windows carry and Energy Rating, a measure of the product's thermal performance. About one-third of your home's heat loss can be attributed to windows and doors, so this is an important consideration in controlling your home heating costs.

With thousands of products to choose from how can you be sure you're getting a good value?

For starters, you can look for products that have been tested and certified under CSA International's Windows and Doors Certification Program and carry the familiar CSA Mark.
Products carrying the CSA Mark have been tested and certified to relevant performance standards relating to:
Products may also be tested and certified to the following 'optional' performance standards:
The overall performance of your window or door will depend a great deal on installation, a job that is best left to an experienced installer.

Keep in mind that price is not always an indication of performance or quality.

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